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BaseJumper Documentation#

The BaseJumperâ„¢ Bioinformatics Platform, powered by BioSkryb Genomics, is designed to provide bioinformatics analysis and interactive visualization at scale. Uncovering biomarkers and mechanisms of disease demands high volumes of complex data and the ability to quickly slice layers of analyses. Since multi-omic data can be generated across a single cell, organization and mapping of the results are necessary to empower interplay of molecular features. BaseJumperâ„¢ brings speed and ease of use directly into the hands of its users, shifting time from computation to interpretation of results.

Platform Overview#


Pillars of BaseJumper#

  • Access - The platform puts control of genomic information in the hands of each Organization. Researchers request or are assigned roles specific to their Organization's access policies.
  • Build - Create a project from previous sequencing data. This can be done through existing access of BaseSpace or from other data endpoints, accessible through Globus.
  • Compute - Researchers can determine whether one or multiple bioinformatics pipelines can be executed (or a subset of samples within a project).
  • Display - Projects feature a visualization section with several application portals to display and manipulate pipeline generated results.
  • Export - Data generated by BaseJumper can be exported either by direct download of files (or graphics) or at a project-level into a researchers' data endpoint

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